Ripack 2200 Shrink Gun

Ripack 2200

Nissen is the main UK agent for Ripack. We supply the Ripack 2200 shrink gun, the worlds number one propane gas shrink gun. It is the successor to the Ripack 2000 providing an increase in power and shrink area.

The Ripack 2200 has 72kw of power, making it the most powerful shrink gun. It makes it possible for a skilled operator to shrink wrap a pallet in less than two minutes.

Shrink guns are generally used to shrink wrap pallets. However this is not the only use of the Ripack 2200.

Ripack shrink guns have the following features:

UNIQUE patented rotating COLD Nozzle.
This makes the nozzle is cool to touch even when the gun is operating, resulting in one of THE SAFEST shrink guns on the market.

Adjustable Pressure Regulator:
This feature automatically cuts off the gas supply in the case of the sturdy hoze being cut.

Sturdy and Robust:
Customers who have looked after their shrink guns have seen over 15 years use, before it needed any service or repair.

75 Kw of Power (245.000 BTU’s):
With the power adjustable between 40kw to 75kw, it is the most powerful shrink gun on the market.

2.6lbs (1200g):
The gun is light weight and perfectly balanced, making operation simple.

Complete Professional Kit
If you order your Ripack 2200 shrink gun from us, you receive the complete professional kit in a robust carrying case.

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