Gusseted layflat tubing, sometimes described as pallet covers on a continuous roll can be used to shrink wrap pallets, where the height of the load differs by a substantial amount on each pallet that is wrapped.

Using gusseted shrink film provides the following benefits:

  • Weather & Dust Protection: protect your pallets against the elements, ideal if they spend a short amount of time outside.
  • Easy Identification: transparent film enables quick, easy identification of the pallet contents.

Easy to use:

  • Cut sleeve to required length, seal end.
  • Raise the pallet slightly, so the the film can be tucked underneath.
  • Place the cover over the palletised load.
  • Pull the film down and tuck it underneath the edges of the pallet.
  • Shrink down the pallet using a shrink gun.

Stock Sizes:

We have the following sizes available in stock. If you require something that is not listed, or are unsure of what you need, our staff are more than happy to give you guidance on the products available, and the best type and thickness of shrink film to suit your purpose.

 W160001 1275/2350  125mu (500 gauge) 25kg  46
 W280001 1250/2100  125mu (500 gauge) 25kg  50
 W921400 1400/2600  125mu (500 gauge) 25kg  41

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