Nissen being the main UK distributor, have the expertise to offer full in house servicing and repair of the whole Ripack shrink gun range: the Ripack 920 , 2000 and 2200. We also carry in stock a full range of spares for all of these shrink guns.

Simple 3 Step Process:

1. Phone us on : 01462 676 262. Explain the problems you are experiencing with your Ripack shrink gun. We will tell you if we believe it to be repairable, or not.

2. You send us the shrink gun. We examine it and give you a quote for the repair. If you decide to go ahead with the repair we will require full payment by cheque or on credit card.

3. Once it is fixed we send it back to you.

Please be sure phone us before sending back any shrink guns for repair.