At Nissen, we manufacture polythene pallet covers in house. These can be used in conjunction with a shrink gun, or just slipped over the load to provide protection against dirt, dust and moisture. 


  • Weather & Dust Protection: Protect your pallets against the elements, ideal if they spend a short amount of time outside.
  • Easy Identification: Transparent film enables quick, easy identification of the pallet contents.
  • Easy to use: Our pallet covers are manufactured P.O.R. or perforated on a roll, allowing the operator to quickly tear off a cover ready to use.
  • Quick: Used in conjunction with a shrink gun pallet covers can be shrunk down in under 2 minutes.

Stock Sizes

We hold the following range of pallet covers in stock for next day delivery, perfect if you only need a few now and then. Just get in touch and we will give you a quote based on the quantity you are after.

A161850 UK PALLET 1.2M X 1M 1.2M 1275/2350 x 1850mm 125mu (500 gauge)
A162450 UK PALLET 1.2M X 1M 1.8M 1275/2350 x 2450mm 125mu (500 gauge)
A281750 EURO PALLET 1.2M X 0.8M 1.2M 1250/2100 x 1750mm 125mu (500 gauge)
A282350 EURO PALLET 1.2M X 0.8M 1.8M 1250/2100 x 2350mm 125mu (500 gauge)
A921950 LARGE PALLET 1.2M X 1.2M 1.2M 1400/2600 x 1950mm 125mu (500 gauge)
A922550 LARGE PALLET 1.2M X 1.2M 1.8M 1400/2600 x 2550mm 125mu (500 gauge)

Want Some Advice?

If your want to discuss whether shrink wrapping is suitable for your palletised loads, or are un-sure of what you need, our staff are more than happy to give you guidance on exactly what you will need and how to do it. Please give us a call on 01462 676 262 and we will talk you through all of the options.

Get a Quote

If you use pallet covers on a regular basis ask us to quote you for a custom size. This is not only cheaper in the long run, but also makes the pallet easier to shrink down, and eliminates waste material.